To live an active and healthy lifestyle you have to exercise! Check out below for some workouts to turn you into a FITNAUT

Stuck in an office all day just like the Fit Rocket Scientist??

check out the FITNAUT Office Fitness and stretches to keep you active and healthy!


FITNAUT Office Fitness Missions


FITNAUT Office Stretch MIssions

Not a fan of the gym? Don't have the time or money for a gym? How about an at-home workout to get you moving?!

I've put together the FITNAUT At-Home Mission for you! You will not need any gym equipment, just your body and a little space to move.

Progress through the different Mission Phases to increase your exercise skills and reach your fitness goals! 


Dare to try something a little more intense? Want to up your FITNAUT game to the weights and gym equipment?


Check out some of the workouts below to get your body moving and muscles engaged with free weights, machines, and other gym equipment.


3-Day Missions:      Class A      Class B

4-Day Missions:      Class A      Class B

5-Day Missions:      Class A      Class B

Have you conquered all OF the FITNAUT Missions above?

Ready for a CUSTOMIZED FITNAUT Training Mission?