Body Fat, How Much Should You Have?

Body fat can be decomposed into two categories: subcutaneous body fat and visceral. Subcutaneous body fat is store directly beneath the skin and this is the one that you should be conscious about. You NEED some fat on your body to protect your organs and maintain proper bodily functions like efficient metabolic and neurotic processes; this is known as Visceral body fat. Males typically need 4% and females need 12% for this essential fat.

Body fat percentage is a good way to measure the health of your body’s composition. It does not take muscle into account whatsoever. Many male athlete’s live year round between 7-12% body fat. For the ladies I have heard not to drop below 15% as it could cause menstruation or fertility issues. A normal and health range of body fat for a male is 7-20% and for a female is 15-30%. Out of the range there start to be serious medical concerns.

When I did my Men's Physique competition, I got down to ~4% body fat. This was an unhealthy range, but it is what is required for competing. This was NOT sustainable, nor should it be. Your mind plays tricks on you when you get that low. You cannot efficiently focus or think straight. That is why I have cautiously increased my body fat after the show to live at a normal, healthy, sustainable body fat percentage.

Here are some examples of what different body fat percentages look on men and women. Where do you fall? Are you happy with your current body composition, do you want to improve it? Either way I can help you maintain or improve your body composition health! If you would like some help, Contact Me, and let’s get you started on your journey becoming a FITNAUT!