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Thanks to Kevin’s guidance and support and my own dedication I realized my dream. It’s not everyday that you get to do that.
— Pez Zarifian

Fit Rocket Scientist trained me for a half marathon!

By: Pez Zarifian


Running a half-marathon has always been one of the items close to the top of my bucket list. However I never really thought I could accomplish this feat because of my busy work schedule. Juggling a full-time job, and a side business barely left room for my personal life, let alone training for a strenuous running race. Luckily my friendship with Kevin resulted in me believing that maybe I could accomplish my goal of running a half-marathon, but I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Over the course of a few months, Kevin helped me tailor a running programs that matched my overwhelming schedule, gave me guidance on my diet, and provided tips for pushing myself to a healthy limit. As I pushed through with his recommended schedule, I started to believe that I could in fact run the full 13.1 miles required to finish the race. When I fell behind, Kevin helped me catch up and he worked with me to redo my running schedule - as far as he was concerned, failure was not an option, a personality trait of a true rocket scientist! With Kevin in my corner and the support of my girlfriend I kept on gaining miles, and guess who was on the sidelines on my race day? That's right, the Fit Rocket Scientist himself! It was so refreshing to see Kevin being so committed to his training and our friendship. Long story short, I ran the race, full force and non-stop, all 13.1 miles, determined to get it crossed off my bucket list - and I did! Thanks to Kevin's guidance and support and my own dedication I realized my dream. It's not everyday that you get to do that. There is something very refreshing about setting an athletic goal and meeting it. It not only helps you become more fit but also reminds you of what challenges you can take on (and win) once you set your mind to it and seek out proper mentorship. Specially the mentorship of an expert like Kevin who is in your shoes - namely having a busy life dominated by an exciting yet sedentary career. If you are out there wondering if you can do it, whatever "it" is as far as athletic challenges go, stop wondering, seek out Kevin's guidance and get on it. In the words of mission control: "Good luck and Godspeed"